"I run a national touring entertainment company. Selling my product (a traveling dueling pianos show) in an industry that is tanking because of increasing low-quality low-ball options is a
challenge to say the least. We pay our guys a lot to do a great job, we have an office staff that does a great job, and this costs money. Our prices cannot compete with low-ballers.
Part of succeeding in charging higher prices is to convey the product in as strong a way as possible. Obviously, the photography of our shows is a key part of that. I cannot say in many more words
what this fact can't say in itself of their work: We have hired Lisa to do over 12 of our shows, and she remains our first and only call for anywhere she will travel to (which is most of Nebraska, and a little beyond).
Lisa is a pro, her work is terrific, and as someone who also competes in an industry of low-ball, low-quality competitors, I fully appreciate what it takes inside and out to maintain this level of integrity and quality of work.
Of course, shooting events is not what she does for everyone ... nor for us: She has also done our family photos, and promotional photos for another act of mine. We received nothing but rave reviews about the family photos, and I fully believe that the prize picture from the photo shoot of the other act is a key factor in helping it get off the ground. If you want a pro, with personal service and professional quality, Lisa Lindau and L-Squared should be your first call."

Sam Ferguson
Owner/Lead Player | Fun Pianos! by 176 Keys

. . . . .

"Lisa, you did an awesome job.... Sean really enjoyed doing this and you so perfectly captured the identity of my son in your pictures... Great job and worth every penny of it!"

Kenneth McVeigh

. . . . .

"My family has been using Lisa for family and business photos for the last several years. There is no question that the quality of a professional photographer like Lisa is far and above what you get from the 'print your own photos' we dealt with before. I would highly recommend l.squared design and photography for any portraits or design needs you might have. From photos to business card design she has always done a great job and is great to work with!"

Kerwin Roth

. . . . .

"Lisa has done our family pictures for several years now and we love the results everytime! She has an eye for settings, loves to keep things natural, is quick and offers many options for your finished photos. I really love her custom cards she creates for us every Christmas. They are one of a kind and our friends and family look forward to getting them every year."

Kit Landkamer

. . . . .

"I have used L Squared Design & Photography and have been very satisfied with the results. Lisa did some quick shop photography for foam boards I used as a display for an event. I was very satisfied with the quality of the finished work. It was very clear, the color was sharp and the finish was a nice gloss. Very affordable. It created a very professional presentation. Thank you Lisa!"

EJ Sulc
Rejuvenate Aesthetic Skin Studio | Seward Nebraska